Hiking Banff National Park – Helen Lake

An awesome wildflower season hike, the Helen Lake trail is also a good option for early fall. It offers great views of Crowfoot Glacier across the valley, has a relatively modest elevation gain of just under 600 meters from trailhead to lake shore, and includes a long stretch of trail with expansive views of Dolomite Peak and several unnamed ridges and peaks. Upon reaching the scenic highlight that is Helen Lake, there are a few options to extend the day, including hiking to the Cirque Peak or a nice ridge walk above the lake.


Hiking Banff National Park – Mount Bourgeau

After 20 years, we finally made a return visit to Bourgeau Lake. This time, we opted to hike beyond the popular Bourgeau Lake, pushing on to Harvey Pass and then to the summit of Mount Bourgeau. In my opinion, the unnamed tarn about 1.2 km beyond Bourgeau Lake is the scenic highlight of this route, with the views from Harvey Pass a close second. It was worth hiking all the way to the summit (once), but I’m not sure I’d do that again. This was the longest day hike we did in the Canadian Rockies in 2015, coming in at just under 25 km in just over 8 hours, with a total elevation gain of well over 1500 meters.

The Rim and the Three Sisters

Hiking the Bow Valley – Wind Ridge

In late April, just a couple weeks after our first two hikes of 2012, K’s heel injury flared up again. Through May and June he suspended his taekwondo training and his teachers agreed to modified (low- to no-impact) phys-ed and DPA (daily physical activity). Meanwhile, we had to wait 5 weeks to see our family…

Dolomite Peak from the meadow enroute to Helen Lake

Hiking Banff National Park – Helen Lake

Although we were out on our mountain bikes several times this week (including a ride to the Canmore Nordic Centre, where we easily completed the green loop), it’s been almost a week since our last hike. Since it’s a long weekend here in Alberta, we anticipated many of the premier hiking trails in the Banff…