Out and About at Sparkling Hill

In between all the other activities we enjoyed at Sparkling Hill Resort, I found time to be out and about exploring the trail network in the area. The map available in each guest room shows 8 trails covering a total of 12.5 km (7.5 miles). They are named for wildlife in the area (e.g. Falcon…


Sparkling Hill Resort

I’m just back from Sparkling Hill Resort where I enjoyed a few fantastic days. It was a girls’ getaway, with my mom, sister and sister-in-law, all organized by my SIL (which, by the way, also stands for strong independent lady – a description that definitely applies). She booked two rooms for two nights. The package…


Boat Watching in Nassau

I think Otis Redding has been my muse for this trip. Warning: potential ear worm alert… Sittin’ in the morning sun I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes Watching the ships roll in Then I watch them roll away again, yeah Okay, it hasn’t exactly been sunny, but I have seen cruise ships roll in and…


Exploring Nassau’s Forts

We tend to go off the beaten path when traveling and Mrs. GeoKs’ short trip to Nassau (Bahamas) was no exception. While there were plenty of tourists at Fort Fincastle, she had the much larger Fort Charlotte almost to herself.


Sjáumst Síðar Iceland

After 14 days that included 150 km of walking/hiking, stops at countless waterfalls, almost 3000 km of riding in a super jeep and taking almost ten thousand photographs between the four of us, this is the last post in our series about Iceland in which we share a bunch of “stuff” on food & drink, geocaching in Iceland, getting around, and our top picks for day hikes.