Review: Banff, Yoho & Kootenay National Parks Recreation Map and Visitor Guide from Clark Geomatics

This is a big map, packed with tons of content: charts, timelines, planning and wildlife viewing tips, 80 sights and attractions and more than 100 hikes. The main attraction is the beautiful, shaded relief map of Banff, Yoho & Kootenay National Parks, along with Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and a few bits of Kananaskis Country, all at a scale of 1:250,000. There are at least three reasons to buy this map: It’s a great resource if you’re planning a trip to the Canadian Rockies. It makes a great souvenir. It offers ideas to foster your exploration and appreciation of the Canadian Rockies.


Gear Review: Aftermarket Insoles

For the last few years, whenever something related to age comes up in conversation, Mr. GeoK has calmly stated that we’re middle aged. I’ve steadfastly disagreed, arguing that middle age is based on how you feel, not a number. But I think I’m finally ready to concede that he’s right. The tipping point for me? The decision to swap out the flimsy OEM insoles in my walking shoes and hiking boots for aftermarket insoles that treat my middle aged feet with the respect they deserve!


Gear Review: Symbioz Elite Snowshoes

Over the years, we’ve owned three different styles/brands of snowshoes: Atlas racing snowshoes our boys used when they were young and light; a pair of MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes that Mr. GeoK used for several years; and a couple of pairs of older model GV mountain snowshoes. We haven’t used them a lot over the…


Gear Review: FitBit Charge HR

Yesterday, a fellow LRT passenger noticed the black band around my wrist and asked, “Is that an Apple watch?” I refrained from pointing out how my FitBit, with its narrow, rectangular screen and lack of push button on the side looks nothing like an Apple watch and what rock was he living under, anyway!?┬áBy opting…


Gear Review: NANOspikes

After two long walks wearing NANOspikes on icy pathways, our first impressions are highly favourable. Fit is not quite forgiving as other Kahtoola producsts, so try before you buy, if possible. Given the one year warranty, it’ll be interesting to see how they hold up over the coming years.