Sure Signs of Spring in Calgary

Despite its official arrival almost four weeks ago, signs of spring remain elusive. But for careful observers, there are compelling clues that spring is creeping over the Calgary landscape: fluffy catkins, pale green leaves poking through, patches of open water on Glenmore Reservoir, and prairie crocus blossoms – the most convincing sign of spring!

American Magpie

Nearby Nature – July 2015

One nearby nature practice that I’ve developed over the past few years is to walk to the nearest grocery store and/or nearest branch of the Calgary public library several times each week. I can get there and back in about 30 minutes (depending on the length of the self checkout line). As I walk, I observe the state of the cultivated and wild flowers, birds, ants, the sky, the colour and length of the grass and whether it’s going to seed, the way shadows fall, and anything else that catches my attention.


Nearby Nature – June 2015

Calgary has been blessed with fantastic conditions this month: warm temperatures and sunshine, very few mosquitoes, daylight from early morning to late in the evening and not much rain (a little more rain to help natural vegetation and farm crops would actually be welcome). I took full advantage of Mother Nature’s open door policy. I…


Nearby Nature – May 2015

I attribute my higher than usual dosage of vitamin N* this month to three things: I added Mr. GeoK as a FitBit friend and the step competition between us this first month has been pretty fierce! I joined the 30×30 nature challenge, which encourages participants to spend 30 minutes outside for 30 days this month.…


Nearby Nature – April 2015

There’s so much happening outside right now! Leaf buds are swelling, the earliest flowers have blossomed and garden beds have workable soil. The white-tailed jackrabbits are slowly changing colour from white to brown and a wide range of bird song can be heard along our street. Despite being out of town for a couple of…