Lego Pencil Holder

With a slight modification, Lego set 40154 is both a pencil cup and a business card holder and provides a great ice breaker topic for conversation.


2015 Lego Holiday Bonus Gingerbread House

Just as in the past few years, Lego released two holiday bonus sets in 2015. Somehow, I missed part two of the announcement in the fall, so I thought the Holiday Train was it for this year. As a result, I was surprised when a second holiday bonus set was added to my Lego shop-at-home…


2015 Lego Holiday Bonus Set

Mr. GeoK carefully plans his Lego shopping to best take advantage of bonus giveaways, loyalty points and discounts. Which means every November for the past several years he’s left a little gift on my desk – the annual holiday bonus set(s) from Lego! In 2014 and 2013 there were two holiday bonus sets available, so…


2014 Lego Holiday Sets

As in 2013, Lego offered two holiday “bonus” sets in 2014: one in October and one for “Brick” Friday in November. Mr. GeoK timed his online Christmas Lego shopping to take advantage of both offers. K and I sat down to build them one Sunday morning in December, starting with set 40106 – a mini…


2013 Lego Holiday Sets

This post from last year describes the holiday bonus sets that Lego made available in 2011 and 2012. For 2013, two holiday bonus sets were available – one in October and one for “Brick” Friday in November. The sets were offered to shoppers who spent $99 or more in an official Lego store or on…